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Were you born with a special purpose in life?

Did you come into this life with a special purpose? How do you know?  More importantly – how will you know, for certain, what your special purpose is? The answer lies within the spirituality of life, that is, the realization that a Higher Being exists, the source from whom all  life springs forth – with purpose. Yes, you were, after all, born with a purpose…though perhaps not what you’ve imagined. Let’s find out.

Were you born with a talent or capability – a natural gift – that you think might be your special purpose? If playing the piano comes easily to you, is being a pianist  your special purpose? Or painting? Or teaching? It’s only natural that at some moment every mother, every father will take a loving glance at their little one wondering what special gift that child may have been bestowed – and what special purpose life has in store.

Yet the purpose of life is not what you’d expect. You came into being with the purpose of experiencing the contrast of human  existence and in so doing, learn to come away feeling positive. The gifts, talents, abilities you may have been born with – or without -  aren’t your purpose but instead they’re the catalysts. They aid you in having experiences so you can learn purposeful response. HOW you react to life’s contrasting experiences – your resultant FEELINGS – determine  how  your life will play out. Like how you feel about your musical talent – are you grateful for your awesome singing voice or instead are you frustrated because you can’t break into a musical career? But what if you’re a musical  meathead – whether that annoys you or whether you’re fine with lip-syncing through choir rehearsals, those are the things that give your life the opportunity to define your purpose. They are the things that add up to determine what will be attracted to you.

Still wish you knew your special purpose? Then you’ve let the details of life obscure your purpose. Step back. Step out of circumstance and stuff. Take a look at the big picture and get a new, positive, grateful perspective to life – for that’s your purpose and that’s what will attract all you desire and turn your dreams into reality. Alright, I get that not everything’s going to appear perfect, or even “good”  all the time – but that’s okay. That’s the contrast. Just remember whatever the  circumstance, the experience, the contrast, your purpose is to find something to feel good about. Even if you’ve got to go far outside the circumstance to find  positive feelings, do it.

As an infant, feeling good was everything. It was all that mattered to you. It was the purpose you brought with you into life. Now as an adult, that purpose hasn’t changed.  Those things that matter to you have increased, your perspective has broadened, but your purpose remains the same: to find something to feel good about, to bounce back with a positive response. To feel good.

On this site you’ll find simple techniques to help you live a purposeful life feeling positive. There are great rewards in doing so, but that’s to be discussed in another message.

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Dov Baron
Dõv Baron is an advisor to corporate, creative and personal leaders around the world.

He considers himself a soul surgeon; just as the body may require physical surgery to remove something that is threatening, Dõv uses his skills and techniques to perform precision laser surgery on the mind and soul, to repair the wounds that threaten our emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

Dõv is a specialist in the psychology of leadership, influence, peak performance, communication and the power of the mind. He is recognized as the world's leading authority in “Quantum Resonance Fields" (QRF), the science of how our beliefs, emotions and thinking effect and sculpt every aspect of our lives.

As a renowned professional speaker, author, and television personality, Dõv is a man who lives with passion every day of his life.