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Thoughts become reality.

It is possible for your thoughts to become reality. All you have to do is think it, wish it and ask the universe for it then wait. The belief that many people have that they are nobody and their life is not impacting anyone else’s or they would never feel a part of the world they are in is a myth, thanks to the law of attraction. This law says that whether you are aware of it or not you are shaping your destiny and affecting the rest of the world either in a negative or positive way. This is done by the vibrations you give off from your very thoughts.

Whatever you desire you have to create or give off that energy in order to get it. You can’t wish for positive energy while you are only harboring negativity in your life. It is within your power to make your own reality and all you have to do is to think the right kind of thoughts to push out the right kind of vibes. It does not just stop at our thoughts, because our thoughts create actions and force us into behaving a certain way and thereby cause us to assert ourselves by getting up and going after what we desire.

Many people however, do not believe that they can be that much in control of their thinking and feel helpless in being able to rise above their circumstances. If however, they realize their inner spiritual being, and get in touch with their Creator, then they will realize that everything they ever wanted was right there; all they had to do was ask. Some people continually make certain request for themselves from the universe and are unaware of the law of attraction. If you are giving out bad vibes, then the universe will return only bad vibes to you. Whatever you are asking for ensure you are giving it.

Be aware of who you are attracting into your life so you can bring about the change you desire. If you want more quality friends, then you need to be a friend that bears quality characteristics and the same applies for relationships with the opposite sex. You cannot go around complaining about what you do not have and expect to send out good vibes. If you notice that you are constantly being judged, criticized, and no one seems to be able to tolerate your faults, then ask yourself when did you throw out that boomerang of negativity.

One way you can see the law of attraction in effect is when people with bad energy come in contact with some animals and children even babies. Animals and children are usually drawn to people with good vibes or as we say folks with a good or gentle soul. This does not mean that if you are not liked by most animals you are by nature a bad person. It could simply mean that you have lots of negative energy.

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Dov Baron
Dõv Baron is an advisor to corporate, creative and personal leaders around the world.

He considers himself a soul surgeon; just as the body may require physical surgery to remove something that is threatening, Dõv uses his skills and techniques to perform precision laser surgery on the mind and soul, to repair the wounds that threaten our emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

Dõv is a specialist in the psychology of leadership, influence, peak performance, communication and the power of the mind. He is recognized as the world's leading authority in “Quantum Resonance Fields" (QRF), the science of how our beliefs, emotions and thinking effect and sculpt every aspect of our lives.

As a renowned professional speaker, author, and television personality, Dõv is a man who lives with passion every day of his life.