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Spirituality and the Law of Attraction 3

The term “law of attraction” is not about control, but rather it is about accepting a flow of good which comes from the creator (God). Anyone can accept the law of attraction regardless of one’s religion or beliefs. The latter is a powerful force that can affect our lives. Basically, when we speak about the law of attraction we are referring to what we attract in our lives, what we are focussed on and put our attention and emotions on. You generally gain what you desire from the law of attraction, and it is a very powerful force that shapes our lives (attracting jobs, positive situations etc.) However, what some people may be unaware of is the fact that people may soon begin to manipulate the latter (law of attraction) by reshaping their lives negatively. Thus, it is necessary for everyone to attract more spirit in their lives rather than succumb to the law of attraction.

Whether we aware of it or not, the law of attraction is always present, and it can relatively lead to negative thinking which can in turn lead to fatal attraction. We are all attracted to materialistic possessions to convenient our lives (money, house, cars), and this materialistic attraction can persuade us to do wrongful acts to acquire these conveniences. Basically the law of attraction states that whatever we think about we would soon manifest. Thus, if we think about wrongful acts we soon begin to manifest wrongful doings.

Comparatively, some people may use the law of attraction positively by thinking about positive acts, and happy thoughts, which can improve their lifestyle. It is believed that only when an individual exhibits a high frequency of spirituality and inner peace-only then will the universe give you what you need. Furthermore, understanding your needs is another pervading issue, because only your spirit can fully understand what you need. All materialist acquisitions are mere objects that would soon fade and disappear in time, but your spirit is the only form that remains forever. So as individuals, we should not be tempted by the misconception of materialism, for it may not make us totally happy and peaceful.

Most people may believe that constantly thinking about what they want will eventually give them total control of what they want. What they don’t seem to understand is the fact that this thinking can only lower your frequency, thereby preventing manifestation. For instance, if you are attempting to manifest what you desire to be happy, generally you will fail. Relatively, if you are trying to control your desires and pushing for what you want, you are only making an external factor responsible for your happiness.

Whereas the truth is that your inner joy is only determined by your internal behaviour and thoughts toward yourself. Thus, it is necessary that you understand your internal being or your spirit to understand what you truly need in the universe. Attracting more spirit internally is the only solution to manifest your dreams and needs. Conclusively, this in turn will bring you peace and joy within.

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