Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Spiritual Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction, as taught over the years, has become popular by some of the most spiritually sensitive and awakened individuals in the world. Crossing all religions – and even people who don’t have a religion – the desire to grow spiritually is a universal want and need.

As part of man’s universal search for meaning, the desire and yearning to reach beyond dates back to the dawn of time.

The Spiritual Law of Attraction recognizes that the Law of Attraction works best when we tap in to our spiritual side.

How can I participate in this site?

We hope you will bookmark this site and return here often.  Share your comments on our posts, articles and on our forum.  Together we learn and grow.

Can I contribute an article to this site?

Absolutely.  You are welcome to send an article to support @ with your contribution.  You are free to include a link to a relevant website. Any articles you contribute may be posted on this site and you may be invited to be a regular contributor.  All articles must be positive and respectful of others and links and posts must be to sites that are appropriate.  Any site that is anyway hurtful or harmful to any living being is not acceptable.

Do I have to purchase something to participate here?

Absolutely not.

Why do I have to register for the Forum?

Unfortunately, in this era of spam there are automatic posting programs (called bots) that can destroy a forum by posting links to inappropriate sites.  By requiring registration, we hope to drastically cut down this annoyance.

Since this is a Spiritual Community, any posts not in line with the positive energy of this community will be deleted and the individual banned from the forum.  Flames, trolls, name-calling and any negative energy will not be tolerated.

My mother’s rule number one was, “If you don’t have something nice to say about someone don’t say it.”  It’s a pretty good rule to live buy.

I see there are parts of the Forum that I can not access.  Why?

For people who want to work more closely with Harlan, he maintains The Spiritual Law of Attraction mastermind group on the forum.  These private sections on the forum contain special recordings and articles for members.

Who owns and administers this site?

This site is owned and run by Harlan Kilstein’s OTC Publishing.  Harlan is an ordained Rabbi with a doctoral degree in Education.  He is an expert in Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) and a world recognized hypnotist and trainer.  By using hypnosis and the Law of Attraction, he has created a successful online following.

A life-long educator, Harlan has the ability to explain the most challenging concepts in easily understood stories.

A former “type-A” personality, Harlan recently discovered yoga and now spends time each day in yoga and meditation.  When not tied up like a pretzel, Harlan spends his time reading books on spirituality, personal growth, and studying sacred scriptures.