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Does religion matter?

The law of attraction is applicable to any religion or beliefs. Regardless of your religion, whether you are Christian, Buddhist, atheist, Jewish, Muslim etc, you can still use the law of attraction to help signify the source of creation in the universe. Within the law of attraction, the words, Source, God, Universe, Higher power, and creative energy all indicate the same meaning. That is they are all interchangeably and signifies the true meaning of the universe and the creative source of energy. However, the law of attraction works best with spirituality. Once you are spiritual enough, you can use the law of attraction in the right and best way possible, because without the power of spirituality, you may not fully understand what you really need in this life and what is good for you. Simply speaking, only one’s spirit can comprehend what is right and good for you.

Moreover, we all have within us-the Creative source of energy, or “Higher power of God”, and our task is to be as much like the “Higher power of God”, because it is the only way we can give meaning and purpose to this journey we call life. So, it is necessary that everyone attempt to be like the creative source of energy in all our words, thoughts, and feelings, for this in turn can bring our energy in a form of high and positive vibrations to our existence.

Most people who are highly spiritual and religious can use the Law of attraction within their beliefs to help them familiarized the true meaning of existence and the universe. Remember we are all here for a purpose, and that purpose is not to acquire large amounts of wealth or fame. Notably, our purpose is to seek to understand the creative energy of God force. Once we have understood the creative source of energy spiritually, we are then connected to the “Higher power of God”. There is nothing we be, cannot do, or have. When everyone is feeling the same vibration energy as our God or Creative source, we are thus more capable of attracting that same spiritual energy to help us understand what we really want in our lives.

Furthermore, it does not matter what circumstances pervades our life, or what environment we came from, how much money we currently make, the way peers treated us, our age, our academic qualifications, or how our parents have treated us, for we all have the ability to be highly successful in connecting to the “Higher power of God” or ultimate “energy source”.

It is evident that many people abuse the power of the Law of Attraction by doing wrongful acts, thus it is up to us to fully understand the need of combining our spirit within the law of attraction. Once we have accomplished this, we are on the path to connecting to the ultimate Creative source. At times the Universe is the only thing that can determine what is best for us, so we should relatively be open to the law of attraction but at the same time we must not let it counter us into associating in wrongful doings.

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