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Coping with addiction with the Law of Attraction

I have many people write to me and ask if the Law of Attraction can help them overcome their addictions.
And my answer is yes.

But first we have to understand what an addiction is and how it affects your subconscious mind.

Everyone has addictions. Some are worse than others. When we think about addiction, we most commonly think about alcohol or drugs. Sometimes we think about smoking, food addictions, caffeine addictions, sex addictions, gambling addictions, or others.

But anything that you depend on, that you give yourself in order to get some kind of “high” or good feeling, is an addiction.

A habit that you cannot break is an addiction. So ask yourself—what are you addicted to?

What are you using in your life to make you feel better? Because the truth is, people use addictions to cover up the fact that they are unhappy.
They want to distract themselves from the low self-worth that they feel, and so they escape. But whatever your chosen addiction, chances are it’s not helping you in your life—and that’s not a positive thing.

It’s controlling your mind and blinding you to what you really want and need.

So how do you break an addiction?

You go to the root of the problem—your subconscious mind and your beliefs. First, take a good long look at yourself. What are you addicted to? How did you become addicted? And more importantly, why did you become addicted? I don’t mean “because it tastes good” or another superficial reason.

I mean the real, deep down, emotional reason.
Once you know this reason, you can start making the changes you need to quit.

The Hypnotic Secret will help you change your mindset and eliminate the fears and beliefs in your subconscious mind that are fueling the addiction.

And here’s what you can do to speed up the process and use the Law of Attraction to quit.
I’m using alcohol as an example but it applies to any addiction:

  • Make a list of all the bad things about alcohol. How it’s negatively affecting your life, your family, your job, your health, etc. Write it all down.
  • Now, make a list of all the good things about being sober.
  • Look at your list of bad things. These are the things you don’t want in your life, so you are going to throw them away and stop focusing on them.
  • Throw the bad things list away. Rip it up, burn it, whatever. Just get rid of it.
  • Look at your good things list. These are the things you DO want in your life.
  • Focus on this good things list. Post it up where you can see it every day. Read it, study it, memorize it, think about it.
  • Take 10 minutes every day to focus on the good things. Focus on the things you want to bring into your life, the kinds of relationships you want, the job you want, the health you want…you get the picture.
  • The more you focus on the positive, instead of the reasons you are avoiding the addiction, the easier it becomes to stop.

And when you use this technique along with the Hypnotic Secret, you have a recipe for success.

One more thing—make sure you have supportive people in your life who understand what you are trying to do, who can encourage you to focus on the positives instead of bringing you down. Having a support system is extremely valuable when trying to stop a negative addiction. Your mind will try to “trick” you into going back to the old ways—that’s when you look at your “good things” list, and call a friend who will remind you that you can do it!

So this week, if you are trying to overcome an addiction, know that you are not alone.

Make your bad list and throw it away.
Make your good list and keep looking at it, to remind yourself that success is within your reach.

You CAN do this. You WILL do this.
Ask. Believe. Take action. And you will receive.

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Dov Baron
Dõv Baron is an advisor to corporate, creative and personal leaders around the world.

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