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The benefit of the doubt

Almost all the world’s religions teach the value of giving someone the benefit of the doubt. It’s a basic ethical principle which, when investigated further, can actually shed light on the Law of Attraction… And will improve your ability to attract.

Here goes:

There is a positive intention behind every action.

Even when people do things that seem wrong, foolish, misguided, or just plain bizarre, it may help to remember this. You don’t know what is motivating them. You don’t know the reasons for their actions. So give them the benefit of the doubt instead of rushing to judge, demean, or insult.

Even if someone has a bad habit, there is something positive motivating it.

For instance, if you are very shy, there is something positive behind that too—you thought you were trying to defend yourself from rejection and pain.

So when someone does something that seems wrong, or just ticks you off—stop and think. Remind yourself that they have a positive motivation for their actions, even if you don’t understand or know what it is.

There is a context in which every behavior has value. For example: Someone who is rolling on the ground for no apparent reason may find that behavior very positive and useful should they happen to be on fire. In that particular situation, it would definitely be the appropriate action!

That’s an extreme example, but you get my point. If you feel wronged by someone’s behavior or actions, it helps to give them the benefit of the doubt. If you immediately jump to the conclusion that “they’re just out to get me” then you are focusing on the negative—and making assumptions that may not be true.

Instead, try to imagine a situation in which their behavior makes perfect sense.

It’s much harder to do, but much more rewarding. And it will help build your attraction muscles to learn this skill.

If you are able to view the Universe as perfect and good, working with you to help you achieve your goals, then attracting what you want becomes easy. If you are suspicious and paranoid, then you are closed off to receiving the gifts of the Universe.

Plus, when you give people the benefit of the doubt, you are really saving yourself much frustration, anger, and negativity. You are saving yourself from blaming others for your problems. And you are saving yourself that “victim mentality” that says “poor me, it’s not my fault.”

Those people never attract anything.

Just one more example to make my point:

Let’s say you have a coworker who is always late. You could get mad and frustrated and call them inconsiderate for not thinking about the value of your time. Or…you could try to find a positive reason for their behavior.

Maybe they feel the need to make a grand entrance and have the attention focused on them, let’s say at a big dinner party or event. Being late, in that context, can be a valuable skill.

There! You just found the positive in a potentially negative situation.

Now, you try it. This week, look back on an event that happened to you and reinterpret it to give someone the benefit of the doubt. And try to respond as things happen with a more positive reasoning.

It’s harder to do “in the moment” but the more you practice, the easier it will become! And notice how much happier you are when you see the world as a positive, happy place instead of “everybody’s out to get me.”

Feels good, doesn’t it?
Keep it up!

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