Lessons from Aladdin for Attracting Money

Ever see the Disney movie “Aladdin”?
Do you find yourself thinking about the Law of Attraction as your own personal magic genie—just make a wish and it will magically appear?

Well, here are some lessons from Aladdin when it comes to the Law of Attraction—you are going to want to pay attention to these.

The people from the Secret use Aladdin as a metaphor for the Law of Attraction. All you have to do is ask, believe and receive.

We, of course, know better. We now know there is a missing step—and that step is called taking action. The Universe is not a magic genie. Just wishing and wanting and asking isn’t going to make anything happen.

The real masters of the Law of Attraction are the people who take action.

So the Aladdin metaphor doesn’t really work here.

And people who believe that the Universe is like the Genie are going to be sadly disappointed.

If you aren’t attracting what you want from the Universe, here are some reasons why:

  • Confused – Often, people don’t get what they want because they don’t know what they actually WANT.
    They’re unsure about what to ask for, they aren’t specific enough…basically they are not speaking the language of the Universe.
    In order to attract money (or anything else), you have to know what you want—and you have to be specific.
  • Negative beliefs – Our beliefs are a product of the experiences we’ve had with parents, teachers, peers, colleagues, social circles, and the media. These beliefs can limit us, and make us believe that we can’t do something or have something. These are the beliefs you must get rid of to start attracting.
    People have many negative beliefs about money. These are the most common negative beliefs. And it’s sad because almost everyone I talk to wants to attract more money into their lives.
    Without getting rid of the negative beliefs, you won’t be attracting very much.
  • Fear – We often let fear hold us back from asking for what we want. Whether you fear rejection, humiliation, change, failure, success, abandonment, looking stupid…these fears are holding you back.
  • Low self-worth – When we feel unworthy of receiving what we are asking for, the Universe listens to these feelings—and you’re not going to get it. The key to successful attraction is confidence.

I’m not going to deal with all of these today. I’ve dealt with many of them in other places at length.
I bring them to show you some of the many things that are keeping you from taking action.
And if you have any of these, then no amount of wishing and lamp-rubbing will get you what you want.

You have to make the changes within yourself in order to use the Law of Attraction. You have to know what you want, you have to believe you deserve it, you have to get rid any other negative beliefs holding you back, and you have to tame and control your fears.

This is the true path to success with the Law of Attraction.

The myth about Aladdin and the magic genie may sound nice, but it won’t get you anywhere.
Sure, it would be nice if the Universe would magically grant all our wishes—but we have to do our part, too.
And that means taking control of your mindset, and making a plan of action.

When you use the Hypnotic Secret, this process becomes very simple.
So this week—say goodbye to the Aladdin myth.
You CAN attract money, success, and anything you want—but it won’t happen by rubbing a magic lamp and just wishing.

This week, I want you to take some action toward your goals.
Show the Universe you’re not waiting for the magic genie, that you are doing something to get what you want.
And once you make that shift, from passive wisher to active do-er, the Universe responds.

So stop wishing—and start doing. You can do it!

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