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Are you angry at the world?

Anger is one of the big challenges in life that can interfere with the Law of Attraction.

Anger that’s repressed or allowed to get out of control can be extremely negative, and—it goes without saying—destructive to the Law of Attraction. Anger breeds more anger, which means that if you can’t manage your anger, that’s what you will be attracting.

It’s a vicious cycle that can be hard to break.

So do yourself a favor—deal with your anger before it becomes a problem. Because uncontrolled anger can have long-term effects, both emotional and physical. Some of the physical effects include: high blood pressure, higher stress levels, increased heart rate, and can cause stroke and heart attack.

And on the emotional side, anger leads to guilt, depression, rage, and possibly even violence.

So not only are you helping yourself use the Law of Attraction more effectively when you learn to manage your anger, you are also helping to protect your health and live a happier life!

Managing your anger and your temper can be challenging at times. Anger is a very strong, powerful emotion. And your method of dealing with anger is probably something you’ve been using for years—since you were a kid. It’s not easy to overcome anger, and it requires commitment, persistence, and a lot of help.

Just remember your goal—that you are doing the very best thing for your health, your life, and your relationships by dealing with your anger.

Dealing with anger doesn’t mean repressing it—repressed anger is a pressure cooker just waiting to burst. You have to let the steam out slowly and in the right way. So how do you let off that steam?

Here are some good ways:

Think before you react. It may be hard, in the heat of the moment, to take a few extra seconds to think before you fly off the handle. But if you can take that time, then there’s a good chance that you can head off any angry outbursts at the pass. This technique takes a lot of practice, but keep reminding yourself that YOU are in control of your mind!

  • Talk it out. If someone does something to upset you, don’t hold it in. Calmly talk to them about how you feel. Don’t blame, point fingers, or accuse. Just talk about how you feel in a calm tone of voice. Communicating your anger instead of bottling it up will relieve the burden, and help you resolve things productively.
  • Walk away. If you know that you are too upset to be rational and calm, just take a time-out. Give yourself a break to cool down, take a drink of water, a few deep breaths, and return when you are feeling calmer.
  • Meditate on it. Take time for yourself to relax, breathe, and get in touch with your inner self. Yoga is a great idea for relaxation and meditation.
  • Work it out. Often, a brisk walk or some athletic activity can be a good outlet for your anger. It’s much better to take it out on a punching bag or by burning some extra calories!
  • Get some professional help. Talking to a therapist or counselor can help you resolve and work through any old issues that may be fueling your anger. If the problem is very serious, anger management classes may also be a good idea.
  • Learn how to forgive. Sometimes when we feel anger at others, we are really angry at ourselves. And learning to let go of that anger and forgive means that you’re not carrying it around—all that negative energy gets pretty heavy!
  • Stay positive. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Realize what is and isn’t important—and let all the little stuff go. Don’t get worked up if it’s not worth it.
  • Use a tool like the Hypnotic Secret to change your mindset. The Hypnotic Secret can help you work out the deep-seated feelings of anger in your subconscious mind.

Once those are clear, you’ll find it easier to control your anger when things flare up. And it will be MUCH easier to work on attracting the positive when you are free of all that anger.

So do yourself a favor this week. If anger is a problem for you, if you get frustrated easily or have a short temper, try some of the techniques listed here. Find the ones that work best for you, and start taking action to get your anger under control. You’ll find it almost impossible to see results with the Law of Attraction until you do.

You owe it to yourself to be free of the burden of anger. So take charge this week—you can do it!

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