J Renee........................ meet the columnists

"Fit, Flirty and Fabulous" - that's the motto J. Renee lives by. A true believer in the Law of Attraction and the role it can play in experiencing a fabulous life, she's dedicated herself to the study and practice of the Law of Attraction.

J. Renee coaches others in a fit mindset, fit lifestyle and fit heart through LOA work and the work of Angels. She believes that living a Law of Attraction life complete with a fit mind, requires a constant smile, no matter what's happening. "Being flirty in life and through any situation produces that smile effortlessly from you and from others."

Based on the principles of the Law of Attraction and J. Renee's work, a simple smile can transform one's life and create an absolutely fabulous existence.

About Us

The Spiritual Law of Attraction is a place for people to gather who want to connect The Law of Attraction and their deep spiritual selves.

Our contributors include well-known authors as well as ordinary people who have a positive and uplifting message to share.

The Spiritual Law of Attraction hosts a forum for exchange of ideas.  Everyone is welcome to share in a constructive and positive fashion.

After all, every day brings with it a new dawn with new opportunities.

Every day brings us the opportunity to recognize our connections to our spiritual selves in every thing that we do.

And every time we connect in a spiritual community we help each other grow.

Once upon a time, there was a saintly teacher walking down a hill coated in ice.
His students were slipping and sliding down the hill but the elderly sage walked with a steady pace.
His students asked, “Master, how is it possible that you walk firmly when we are slipping and sliding?”
The Master answered, “If you are connected on high, you don’t have to worry about falling.”

This site is based upon the pillars of awakening and strengthening our spirituality and integrity.

It’s about creating our own sacred space on the planet and sharing it with others of similar mindset.

An old proverb teaches, “Abundance can be had, simply, by consciously receiving
that which has already been given.”

So with that in mind, you might find something new here that touches your soul -
or it might be something you already know, but you forgot that you know.

Since everyone is unique and their opinions are unique, you may find something that challenges your belief systems.  That’s okay.  You can look, absorb, digest or reject.

The opinion of each columnist or contributor is his or her own and does not necessarily represent the views of OTC Publishing or Dr. Harlan Kilstein.

Because so many different voices are heard on this site,  you will certainly find
something you can learn!

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Doug O'Brien................ meet the columnists

Doug O'Brien is a Coach. He is also a Master Trainer of NLP and Hypnosis.

Doug is known the world over as the go-to guy for Sleight of Mouth training. You'll find his easy warmth and humorous approach to these disciplines make him a sought-after guide and inspiration to The Spiritual Law of Attraction.